Pianka poliuretanowa laminopol
zywice laminopol

Epoxy resins, hardening agents

Resin’s name

  • solid resins, squamosal
  • liquid resins


Elementary epoxy resins

Epidian 012* Solid epoxy, squamosal resins, used mainly for production of powder paints, applied electrostatically, making up a perfect protective layer for various typed of elements and for producing chemoresistant coating materials.
Epidian 011 A
Epidian 011*
Epidian 010*
Epidian 1* Semi-finished product for making chemoresistant and electroisolating varnishes.
Epidian 2* The adhesive for production of warm-setting compositions for electrotechnical and constructive purposes.
Epidian 3*
Epidian 4* Used for manufacturing putties and adhesives as well as chemoresistant compositions.
Epidian 5* Used for production of chemoresistant paints and varnishes, adhesives, filling compounds, parquete floor compositions, impregnating agents, cold-setting glues for metal, glass, ceramic and most of plastic elements.
Epidian 6*
Epidian F Bisphenol F based agent, for making solventless stopping coatings, glues and filling compounds used in electrotechnics and electronics.

Modified epoxy resins

Epidian 51* Two-component adhesive composition for metal, glass, ceramics, for making structural castings, electrotechnical castings, for producing putties and stopping agents.
Epidian 52* Two-component composition, perfect saturant for laminate with glass fibre, in electronics used as filling in pulp.
Epidian 53* Two-component adhesive composition for metal, glass, ceramics, in electronics used for filling capacitors, connectora, cables, for laminating. Combined with fillers, make up a perfect structural material.
Epidian 57* Two-component adhesive composition for metal, glass, ceramics and thermosetting plastics. The adhesive of medium elastic properties, of high shear and stripping strength.
Epidian 100 Warm-setting glue in the temperature of over 120º C, designed for: cast iron, aluminium and its alloys, steel and colour metals, ceramics and some of synthetic substances.
Epidian 112* Two-component varnish for making anticorrosive and protective coatings on syrfaces made of concrete and steel.
Epidian 115* Semi-finished products for production of paints and varnishes.
Epidian 1450
Epidian 311* Three-component stopping pulp for distillation in parquet floors, filling in outages in concrete, sealing of stoneware-calyxes.
Epidian 410* Two-component stopping pulp for metal, glue for dural, steel and alloys.
Epidian 430 KM Two-component putty of high chemical resistance for bonding and pointing tiles and acid-resistant shaped pieces. Glue for fixing metal parts in concrete.
Epidian 450* Two-component composition for making chemoresistant putties, cloth and glass mats saturant.
Epidian 6011* Two-component compositions of low viscosity for impregnation of concrete, iniactions, making epoxy-glass laminates and protecting coatings in concrete and steel containers. PZH Certification allowing contact with drinking water and other edibles.
Epidian 624*
Epidian 625 Binding material for making insulating elements in electrotechnic industry.
Epidian 630 For glueing metal, wood, stone and glueing down glass fibre mats or carbon fibre mats as well as metals elements to concrete. Apply in combination with hardening agent 630.
Epidian 653* Two-component compositions of low crystalization properties when storing; for making epoxy-glass laminates, solventless coatings, preparing putties and anticorrosive stopping pulps.
Epidian 659*

Resins for parquet floors composing and screeders

Epidian 505* Two-component composition for preparing „Plastidur” type parquet floor pulps, glass mat saturant.
Epidian 560** Two-component composition for grounding concrete under floor screeders. (impregnation and strengthening)
Epidian 561** Two-component composition for making parquets on concrete ground of high mechanical and chemical resistance in industrial objects, public utility objects and grocery.
Epidian 562** Two-component floor composition, antistatic, applicable in objects of high explosive and fire threat.
Epidian 601** Two-component compositions, solventless for impregnating and strengthening concrete constructions, making resin jointless floors, stopping, saturant for laminates.
Epidian 607** E-607 + KT hardening agent – binding material for making so called „stone carpets”.
Epidian 664** Two-component colour composition for thin-layered protection of walls and concrete floors.

* - PZH (Polish Institute of Hygiene) certificate

** - ITB (Building Research Institute) approval

Note: expression „two-component” means combination of epoxy resin and hardening agent.